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Welcome to Mr Steve Productions! My name is Stephen Goldsmith (Mr Steve to my Friends). I completed an MA in Sound Design in 2000 and spent fifteen years working throughout the location and post audio production chain in London (UK). I have recently moved with my family and all my audio kit to Adelaide,  bought a house with fast fibre to the premises, joined the ASSG (Australian sound guild) and teamed up with some local people such as Film Corp SA and Tom Heuzenroeder working out of the ABC and am starting to get into local work as well as carry on with films and short form work that I am still receiving from the UK and elsewhere.

This site has three functions:

1)Online CV: To find out a bit about me as an individual and the services I offer (dubbing mixer, sound editor,foley, location sound etc) for employment purposes then click along the tabs at the top or DOWNLOAD WORD DOC VERSION OF MY CV HERE

You can verify my work using this imdb link or I can put you in touch with people I have worked with for references etc..

For independent film work I usually team up with others to form collectives offering complete post or audio packages. To find out more about the groups I have worked with, click on the tabs under the ‘Associated Companies’ tab on the bottom left of the site. I am also happy to work on short form material..

2) Audio blog. I like to write a little about the projects I have been working on and give updates on screenings, trailers etc.. EIther scroll down or use tabs/tag cloud on the left to look up specific films.

3) Extras: A place to post and distribute some of my side projects. I am currently recording a new Australian wing to my sound library to add to the stuff I have collected elsewhere in my travels and will put this on line when I have more time.

Hope you enjoy the site. Drop me a line using the contact tab if you want to get in touch.


Steve (Mr)

Queensland Rainforest


Rio Supermarket Ambience (I know how to have fun)

London Protest recording/Child Wrangling (mine)

In The Hot Seat- Mixing at Met Film- Ealing Studios-London

Arsenal, Emirates Stadium Dressing Room (Sound Designer for Puma Viral)


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Gods Own Country Wins BIFA for Best Sound


News just in. V. happy to hear this. Sad I can’t join the rest of the crew for the Award ceremony back in the UK on 10th December. I may take Duncan Campbell (foley recordist) out for a beer or two.

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Prisoners and Pups


Following it’s premiere at the Adelaide Film Festival, this documentary goes out on the ABC on 1st November (then available on iview). Clip used for film festival below:

I edited  and premixed sound before Tom Heuzenroeder lifted it to another level with the final mix (really nice to sit in and see him at work, always a great way to learn from others and get feedback from a fresh pair of eyes and ears). As part of the post process I went to Adelaide women’s prison to record surround atmospheres and get recordings of the greyhounds in various states.

A couple of friends have had rescue greyhounds as pets. My experience is that they’re pretty zen- mostly static taking it all in. I set levels expecting a bit of padding around, sniffs to say hello when I wandered in. Maybe I’d try to get a bit of barking and whimpering at food/ walk time…

Whod’ve thought it, partially socialised greyhounds -trained to chase a big hare size fluffy thing around a race track -see a big fluffy hare size microphone on a stick as a piñata. Mayhem. I then tried a smaller mic with pop shield (most calmed down but one really wanted it as an expensive dog chew). Eventually I had a go with small tie clip type mics and the dogs went back to being zen.

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Gods Own Country Wins Prizes at Edinburgh, Berlin and Sundance.



I am very pleased to see that one of the first feature films I completed  here in South Australia since emigrating from the UK has done so well in the festival circuit . Highlights of  the awards picked up  by Gods Own Country so far are:

  • Jury Prize for Best film in Berlin,
  • Best British feature film at Edinburgh
  • Best Director for Francis Lee at Sundance

This weekend I’m flying out to the Melbourne IFF  to catch it while it is playing locally. More info below the trailer



I worked on it as foley artist and foley editor, alongside Duncan Campbell (Foley recordist) at the SA film corp foley studios. It was an exceptionally challenging gig but very rewarding. The film has front title music, no other score until  well into the final reel and the lead is not a big speaker. There is wall to wall foley. Challenging scenes involved making sounds for dry wall building, delivering lambs, driving a cow into a trailer etc etc.. I’ve written about the foley sessions in an article downloadable here

You can buy tickets from the film website here. It  is currently on  the world wide festival circuit and is released in America in October




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Article on Foley For Gods Own Country


Below is a link to a long article I wrote concerning the thought process  and  methodology used while covering the Foley for Gods own Country.

Nb It’s quite long so I’m keeping it off my wall so as not to clog up my time line. Copies of some of the pictures used attached below


More foley debris for GOC

Foley debris on final day of GOC

Bringing Yorkshire Mud to South Australia


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The Marker -Premiere at Edinburgh IFF


The Marker was the first Feature I worked on Since Moving to Australia. It has it premier at  Edinburgh IFF in June

I worked from the SA Film Corps foley room as Foley artist and  editor alongside Duncan Campbell (Foley Recordist). Interesting use of sound it  flicks from being very upclose   and personal to abstract as the lead’s mental state deteriorates.. My brief from Justin Edgar (Director) and Vincent Watts (Supervising Sound Editor) was to cover material as usual, go big with the hits, fighting and splats for gun shots- add textures tomake people relly feel it,  but also give an additional layer of sound design which could be used rather like the sounds of a Sergio Leone- opening to Once Upon A Time in the West etc. I had a lot of fun covering a gruesome point blank head shot with a watermelon, spaghetti rings and cornflour thickened water, there was also some pretty gruesome neck slashing- a lot of action- think I got it sounding pretty brutal. There was also playing with finger tapping, skipping ropes and trying to get a signature rhythm for the lead with a Butterfly knife.  I believe it has a couple of sales in the pipeline  and I will update as and when I hear more

Foley debris for a point blank headshot. (Photo by Duncan Campbell 2017)


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UK Work Post Brexit, South Australia Website Reboot


Excuse radio silence.  I’ve emigrated from UK to Australia and I had  fair amount of hurdles to clear: I sold my London house, got a permanent visa, shipped all my worldly possessions over, and was about to get stuck into building a foley/audio post studio and carry on working as before via fast fibre when the Brexit vote happened so I slowed things down  and waited for things to settle in the UK while developing contacts and projects elsewhere.

I have been slowly gaining a new client base, working on US and Australian material as well as keeping up with my UK work . Some work is still under a media blackout- will update when I am allowed. I have a sound proof/treated room I am working from with my trusty Protools rig, 5.1 Genelecs and  Schoeps mics+foley props and have been hiring the foley suite at the SA film corp for feature work. Now I have enough work am in the process of building a larger studio of my own. More on that as it comes online.

I’ve also started to develop a few  side projects and am interested in moving this site away from being purely an online CV.  I will update as these come online.

New House in SA

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Fear Of 13


‘Fear Of 13’  goes on cinema release on Friday 13th November. It follows the true story of Nick Yaris and opens with him on Death Row, asking to be put to death. The film is a compelling monologue with lots of stylised flashbacks. I worked on the dialogue edit plus premix and covered a  few bits and pieces of foley for this one (Vincent Watts handled the final mix and sound design). I watched the premiere  at the London Film Festival and was well received which is always pleasing. Click here for link to the film website for more info/ screenings etc..

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‘Warriors’- a feature doc I mixed is touring UK cinemas in November. It follows the journey of ‘A team of Massai Warriors battling against FGM and gender inequality’. . Follow this link for more details via the website.


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How To Change The World Premiere


Have been pretty busy on this one. Cleaning up 70s archive sync sound shot in the middle of the Bering sea by Greenpeace activists- who may or may not be under the influence- as they seek out and confront Russian waling vessels was challenging but rewarding. The film has already picked up prizes on its festival opening at Sundance and got into loads of festivals where I think it will do very well. It is Playing simultaneously about 160 cinemas in Uk and 400 in USA/Canada on 9th September. I will post links for finding venues below. Cheers & see you West End if you’re there. Steve

For the UK:
For the US: