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Amar Akbar and Tony


Here’s a trail for a BFI backed comedy feature film I mixed. It was shot in West London- which is never an easy place for location sound- many arterial roads, planes overhead on their way to/from Heathrow . The location sound was well recorded with many wildtracks and once again Izootope’s RX4 advanced came to the fore. Always satisfying to be able to shrink the ADR, keep the onset performances as much as possible and have time to really hone the sound design.

It opens in UK cinemas 17th APril 2015. Click here for more Info via the film Site

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We Are The Freaks


Billed as ‘A surreal and anarchic anti-teen film about three misfits having the night of their lives.’- set in 90s Birmingham against the backdrop of Margaret Thatchers Resignation’. It Premieres at Edinburgh Film Festival 9:10PM 22nd June. More Details on this and future screenings etc on the We Are The Freaks FaceBook Page

I supervised the dialogue edit, shot the foley and mixed them ready for Vincent Watts to work his magic as he ran the final mix of his effects and score (a fun mix of 90s trance and classical orchestration) This was our second feature with Justin Edgar- always good to get repeat work 🙂

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Future Suspended


I mixed this doc- directed by Ross Domoney. I thought it was an interesting perspective on what is happening in Greece and what austerity feels like on the ground. It was a very fast turn around project with minimal time for additional sound design but this suited the project as it worked with the score to gave the film the feeling of a dream-scape.

Future Suspended (english) from Ross Domoney on Vimeo.

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For those of you in the UK and not panic buying Christmas gifts from the 24/7 Tesco’s garage- this is playing on BBC4 tomorrow at 9:25PM (Part of the Storyville strand to which I have an addiction). I enjoyed mixing it it and think it is well worth a watch. Am also pleasantly surprised that something I worked on not only got pick of the day from the highbrow papers- Times, Guardian and Telegraph- but also the Radio Times and TV choice (my gran would be proud.)

Even if you miss this, you should check out director Jeanie Finlay’s work by visiting her website via this link- YOU COULD EVEN BUY A LAST MINUTE FILM PRESENT THERE WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR HOUSE

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Puma: ‘Arsenal Zipper’ Advert


I recorded sound and tracklayed/mixed this viral for Puma. We only had a 15 minute window of opportunity to record Arsene Wenger in the Emirates stadium, so made use of a body double. Here we are in a bit of down time.


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Janapar: Official Trailer from Janapar Film on Vimeo.

Here’s a fun adventure doc I worked on that has been self distributed by the producer-James Newton and director- Tom Allen. It has been eye opening and heartening to look at how something initial self shot has steadily gained momentum through word of mouth/ prizes picked up in various festivals. A very different distribution model from projects I have worked on before. Visit the Janapar film website for more.

I handled the dialogue edit and pre-mix (tough gig cleaning up sound shot on whatever gear you can take with you on a bike). Vincent Watts wrote the score and handled the final mix.

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The Liability


Below is the trail for this UK road movie staring Tim Roth, Jack O’Connell and Peter Mullan. Cinema release date 23rd Feb. I walked/shot the foley and handled the UK side of the ADR. A busy/messy few days in the foley studio as quite a lot of chase scenes through muddy forests, a couple of fights- a lot of prop work.

Strong performance as you would expect from Tim Roth on-screen and in ADR booth, Jack O’Connell looks to be going places as he moves from Skins and onto the big screen.



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Heesen: Monaco AV Event


Heesen Yachts from locosoho on Vimeo.

Here is a stereo version of another gig working for Locomotion. The brief was to create a surround sound mix for an event in Monaco selling Heesen yachts that would really grab peoples attention (BTW for Yacht substitute top spec ocean going condo) The VO artist apparently dubs George Clooney in Italian- pretty silky! I tracklayed it from home and mixed it myself in the Dubbing theatre at Metfilm with the client. We had a lot of fun in the dub throwing sounds around the room in ways that aren’t usually done in theatrical mixes.

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Bishi at BFI


I’ve been assisting sound Engineer Ian Simpson with live events to move out of my post production comfort zone and gain new skills. This is an extract from a live gig at the BFI- which as you can see had some fantastic visuals and many elaborate costumes. A pretty frantic job swapping radio mics between very elaborate costumes but it went well.

If you like the track you can buy the album via the following:

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The Offender is a revenge thriller set against the backdrop of the London Riots and a grim young offenders Institution. Cinema release is on August 8th. More details on the Facebook page I handled the dialogue edit and premix, shot the ADR and supervised the Foley. To be honest by ‘supervised’ I mean I turned up to Goldcrest with a shopping list of what the director wanted and what I knew we needed to get to get the most out of sound track and just watched and learnt as I watched the crew produce the goods and then some with minimal fuss.