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STOHO: Walthamstow Production Network


I have formed the ‘STOHO’ group in the ‘Linked in’ Network– . The aim is for  production professionals living in the Walthamstow area  to get a bit of local knowledge and gain local contacts.  If you want to join, feel free to check out the link.

The first gathering will be at the Nags head pub, wednesday 21st July from 7:30 pm. Drop me a line if you fancy dropping by.



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Red White and Blue UK Premier


Following screenings at  SXSW, CANNES, and winning the Best Film Prize at the Boston Underground IFF, Red White and Blue gets its UK premier at 6:30 Pm on 30th August at the main screen of The Empire in Leicester Square as part of the Film Four Fright Fest.

Be warned this film is very disturbing.  It starts slowly,  giving you time to engage with the characters  before events spiral out of control.  I think that one of the strengths of this film is that -Unlike standard Hollywood fare- there is no clear good or evil, just very flawed people  living  with the bloody repercussions of their own actions. If you want to categorise it, you could draw a lot of parallels with the Jacobean strand of the  revenge play genre. (so not your run of the mill slasher film) The film maintains lot of grey areas- the music remains unempathetic for many of the most extreme scenes.

I did this job through the Sonic Mix Audio Collective . So I handled the foley and dialogue edit, working alongside Vincent Watts who handled the Sound design and mix. There are bits of extrovert sound design care of  Vince, but my brief was to maintain a documentary feel. The foley was kept really understated and wheras you would usually expect to replace large chunks of sync sound with polished post production, I kept  as much as possible of the sync sound when handling the dialogue/sync edit. We stuck entirely to dialogue recorded on location, used no post sync looping sessions + tended towards layering up extra surround sound ambiences on top of existing ambiences recorded on set. Certain set pieces aside, the aim throughout the audio post process was to keep things sounding natural and  complement the documentary feel of the picture.

Use the link below for details on how to get tickets etc.

Film Four Fright Fest

Feel free to check out the Trailer (caveat emptor, the film would most definitely get  an ’18’ rating)

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Coalition Of The Willing


Coalition of the Willing is defined in its site as ‘An animated film about an online war against global warming in a post-Copenhagen world.’

The animation has been completed by a collective of animators  completing sections  co-ordinated by  Producer/Director Simon Robson (Knife Party) and  Activist Tim Rayner.

Click on this Link  Coalition Of The Willing to be taken to the site- check it out and learn more about the project. You’re in for a treat!

Coalition Of The Willing from coalitionfilm on Vimeo.

Just incase you missed it when it came out 2005s  The Knife Parties ‘What Barry Says’ (Embeded below) is also well worth checking out.

Nb nothing you hear in ‘Coalition Of The Willing’ or ‘What Barry Says’  links is my work! I worked with Simon when doing the sound effects edit on the animated sections on Taking liberties and helped out by recording some temp VO for the Knife party animated sections of ‘The Coalition..’.

Just thought I’d give him and everyone else involved a plug as I really like the project.


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Skeletons Wins Best British Feature at Edinburgh IFF


Not my gig I hasten to add, but Skeletons – a film which was edited by Rachel Tunnard and Graded by Tom Balkwill –  (we  work together as the ‘Dirty Pretty Post‘ collective) – has won the Best British Film at Edinburgh film festival.  I watched it through when I did some audio deliverables work on it (standard conversions and pitch correction).  It totally deserved it.  Skeletons will now get a small nationwide release and then fingers crossed from there.

Web site is:

Click for Trailer