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Prisoners and Pups


Following it’s premiere at the Adelaide Film Festival, this documentary goes out on the ABC on 1st November (then available on iview). Clip used for film festival below:

I edited  and premixed sound before Tom Heuzenroeder lifted it to another level with the final mix (really nice to sit in and see him at work, always a great way to learn from others and get feedback from a fresh pair of eyes and ears). As part of the post process I went to Adelaide women’s prison to record surround atmospheres and get recordings of the greyhounds in various states.

A couple of friends have had rescue greyhounds as pets. My experience is that they’re pretty zen- mostly static taking it all in. I set levels expecting a bit of padding around, sniffs to say hello when I wandered in. Maybe I’d try to get a bit of barking and whimpering at food/ walk time…

Whod’ve thought it, partially socialised greyhounds -trained to chase a big hare size fluffy thing around a race track -see a big fluffy hare size microphone on a stick as a piñata. Mayhem. I then tried a smaller mic with pop shield (most calmed down but one really wanted it as an expensive dog chew). Eventually I had a go with small tie clip type mics and the dogs went back to being zen.