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The Marker -Premiere at Edinburgh IFF


The Marker was the first Feature I worked on Since Moving to Australia. It has it premier at  Edinburgh IFF in June

I worked from the SA Film Corps foley room as Foley artist and  editor alongside Duncan Campbell (Foley Recordist). Interesting use of sound it  flicks from being very upclose   and personal to abstract as the lead’s mental state deteriorates.. My brief from Justin Edgar (Director) and Vincent Watts (Supervising Sound Editor) was to cover material as usual, go big with the hits, fighting and splats for gun shots- add textures tomake people relly feel it,  but also give an additional layer of sound design which could be used rather like the sounds of a Sergio Leone- opening to Once Upon A Time in the West etc. I had a lot of fun covering a gruesome point blank head shot with a watermelon, spaghetti rings and cornflour thickened water, there was also some pretty gruesome neck slashing- a lot of action- think I got it sounding pretty brutal. There was also playing with finger tapping, skipping ropes and trying to get a signature rhythm for the lead with a Butterfly knife.  I believe it has a couple of sales in the pipeline  and I will update as and when I hear more

Foley debris for a point blank headshot. (Photo by Duncan Campbell 2017)