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UK Work Post Brexit, South Australia Website Reboot


Excuse radio silence.  I’ve emigrated from UK to Australia and I had  fair amount of hurdles to clear: I sold my London house, got a permanent visa, shipped all my worldly possessions over, and was about to get stuck into building a foley/audio post studio and carry on working as before via fast fibre when the Brexit vote happened so I slowed things down  and waited for things to settle in the UK while developing contacts and projects elsewhere.

I have been slowly gaining a new client base, working on US and Australian material as well as keeping up with my UK work . Some work is still under a media blackout- will update when I am allowed. I have a sound proof/treated room I am working from with my trusty Protools rig, 5.1 Genelecs and  Schoeps mics+foley props and have been hiring the foley suite at the SA film corp for feature work. Now I have enough work am in the process of building a larger studio of my own. More on that as it comes online.

I’ve also started to develop a few  side projects and am interested in moving this site away from being purely an online CV.  I will update as these come online.

New House in SA