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I actively got into music when I found a trumpet in an attic aged 6. Several days of train impressions later, I had harassed my parents into shelling out for music lessons to make the bad noise stop. I have now spent well over twenty years making noise for a living in various studios first in London and now in Australia.

I got a music scholarship aged 11. Took up the double bass (another burden for my long suffering parents to cart around) and promptly used the free weekly music lessons to avoid maths lessons for a year.

After school I took a BA in English Lit, got a rudimentary sampler+ sequencer set up and blagged my way onto as many subsidiaries in electronic music/ experimental music and composition as possible. This lead to a PG Dip and MA in Sound Design for the Moving Image.

I started working professionally in audio post production in 2000. After proving that I had no flare for tea making I got a break doing mag transfers of the BBC sound archive, then worked my way up through at large Soho facility house over four years, mostly working on Paramount titles as an audio mastering and restoration engineer .

I then teamed up with Vincent Watts to form the sound department of S2S Post- a Brick Lane based post production company specialising in independent features, then Met Film (working from Ealing Studios) We have been independent for some time but have an ongoing partnership- together we have completed over 40 films.

As well as the long form film work I have completed short form advertising work for Brands such as Nike and Puma, sound installations for/with artists and companies that have toured around the world.

I enjoy teaching as much as I enjoy learning. I worked as an audio consultant for The Guardian (UK) and gave sound lectures and tutorials at the Met Film School and now lecture and tutor for UniSA.

I enjoy writing. My last project, Nouvelle Cuisine , a French TV pilot I co-wrote with the director, got regional funding from the Burgundy Film Commission and picked up a prize at the Aubagne film festival ( I speak good French btw and worked on set)

I got permanent residence in Australia in April 2016 and moved with my wife and son (both Australian citizens) to Adelaide. I am available to work localy (Adelaide), interstate either in person or remotely through the wonders of fibre broadband.

My trumpet playing went down hill when I left school, my sister has since borrowed it indefinitely and uses it to teach 6 year olds how to annoy their parents.

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