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Red White and Blue Update: US Theatrical Release


Red White and Blue continues to get prizes and great reviews on the festival circuit. It went out on VOD as of 25th September via IFC Films and will go on a limited US theatrical release starting in New York  on 8th October. Fingers crossed from there. For more on the release   go to the website or read my previous post on the film, my involvement and the approach taken to the audio post.

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Hearing Aid


Hello! I am Stephen Goldsmith (otherwise known as Mr Steve) and this is my  website.

The tabs at the top supply info about me Feel free to  have a poke about for more information on  kit lists,  verification of film track record via my IMDB profile,  skill sets formal or click to download my
CV etc

The links on the left  give updates on films I am working on a

The blog feature and extras tab are an informal way of distributing side projects and field recordings to friends, family and anyone whose boat it floats. Also I’ll give plugs to projects that I’ve stumbled across through work that I have enjoyed.

Am hoping that once I get the formal stuff out of the way + give a bit of background on who I am, I can fade into the background and concentrate on writing about films and audio stuff that are of more interest.