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Bishi at BFI


I’ve been assisting sound Engineer Ian Simpson with live events to move out of my post production comfort zone and gain new skills. This is an extract from a live gig at the BFI- which as you can see had some fantastic visuals and many elaborate costumes. A pretty frantic job swapping radio mics between very elaborate costumes but it went well.

If you like the track you can buy the album via the following:

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The Offender is a revenge thriller set against the backdrop of the London Riots and a grim young offenders Institution. Cinema release is on August 8th. More details on the Facebook page I handled the dialogue edit and premix, shot the ADR and supervised the Foley. To be honest by ‘supervised’ I mean I turned up to Goldcrest with a shopping list of what the director wanted and what I knew we needed to get to get the most out of sound track and just watched and learnt as I watched the crew produce the goods and then some with minimal fuss.

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Town Of Runners


I have been working hard on Jerry Rothwell’s latest feature doc -dialogue edit/premix and deliverables. Click here for the film website. The film looks at an Ethiopian highland town which has produced some of the world’s greatest distance athletes, including Tirunesh Dibaba, Kenenisa Bekele and Derartu Tulu.

Good human interest story- primarily told from the perspective of two young girls, their family and coach- it follows grass roots sports-a long way away from the razzmatazz of the approaching London Olympics.

The coach came over for the screening and having seen UK sports facilities was amazed that the UK doesn’t clean up at all distances! Think it gives testament to the sheer hard work and expertise shown by people like him at the ground level.

From a sound geek perspective, this was the first set of TV deliverables I mastered ready for the new R128 andATSC A/85 loudness specs. Initial impressions are favourable. It involved a bit more work than the old method,but I was able to produce mixes that- while compressed sufficiently for home sets (you can hear key dialogue without struggling when it is not cranked up)- kept its dynamic range in key sections. The races which would previously had been flattened for broadcast were allowed to keep much of the excitement of the theatrical(cinema) mix. All good. Trailer below

Interested to see how it fares before it’s terrestrial debuts (was backed by C4 and ITVS), so far it has been selected for Sheffield doc fest and Tribeca.

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Cineworld Trailer


Here’s a stereo fold down of a cinema add I sound designed in 5.1 for Locomotion (Soho). More info on Locomotions Blog

I had a lot of fun listening to some old favourite films, track laying it and heading over to Soho’s Jungle Studios for the Dolby cinema mix. Once upon a time I was a runner there. On my return I went out of my way to make life easy for anyone making me tea/bringing food- tough gig particularly if you’d much rather be sat in the room watching the mix than picking up green tea and sushi.

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Heavy Load Makes Sky Top 100 All Time Doc List


Very pleased to hear that Heavy Load Made 36 in Skys top 100 all time documentary list. I really enjoyed working as dialogue editor on this one and look forward to working on Jerry Rothwells next documentary next month. Watch this space for more info

Heavy Load Trailer

Link to the Heavy Load Movie Website

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Red, White and Blue UK Theatrical Release


Following a prize winning run on the festival circuits and release in the USA, Simon Rumley’s critically acclaimed slacker revenge film gets a UK theatrical release on 30th September 2011

Sound Design and Mix- Vincent Watts

Sound Editor/Foley Artist- Stephen Goldsmith

For more information on prizes won, screenings and to rent or hire go to the film website.

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Donor Unknown US Terrestrial Premier


Jerry Rothwell’s Donor Unknown continues to tour around the world getting critical acclaim. Those of you in the states can watch it on Independent Lens 20th October at 10pm. Otherwise there are details of up and coming screenings and links to download or purchase from the Film Site

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Yes Men Haunt The Press


A BBC interview with a outrageously candid stockbroker brought the press to wonder whether it was a genuine interview or another hoax by the Yes Men . See Link for More

I Enjoyed working with the Yes Men when we completed the  mix and  audio post  for ‘The Yes Men Fix The World‘ from my studio. The World still feels decidedly broken at present but no reason not to try to do something about it. From a selfish perspective it is also pleasing when stuff you’ve worked on sinks into the public consious enough for it bubble up later down the line.

* Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival 2009

* Audience Award, Berkshire International Film Festival 2009

* Audience Award, Berlin International Film Festival 2009

* Audience Award, Planet Doc Festival, Warsaw, 2009

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Nouvelle Cuisine Shoot


Finished shooting  this short film, a pilot I co-wrote with Vincent Hazard.  Many thanks to all the crew for their hard work. Follow This Link for More Information from Avalon Productions. Now here comes the post and the prospect of writing another 6 episodes.

Madame Naz and Tom

Cast And Crew (I’m the tool in the Flat Cap)

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Starsuckers: Feature Doc More 4 Repeat Screenings


Starsuckers-(click for link to the Film Website) is a feature doc which looks at the corrosive effect of celebrity culture and the working practices of the celebrity press on mainstream news and politics.

The audio post was carried out by yours truly and Vincent watts (Vincent also wrote the score).

The film is getting a timely re-run on More4 starting 31st July 2011 at 11:10pm. Check it out if you get a chance. Should be an interesting watch in terms of what is happening with News International.

If you miss the terrestrial screenings  and are really ken you can use the following:

Buy / Buy the Soundtrack / Rent